Federico Sánchez (F) is a Colombian graphic designer based in Barcelona, currently pursuing a Master's in Visual Design at Elisava while simultaneously undertaking an internship at Mucho.

With a background in Industrial Design, he has experience in branding, visual design, typography, and creative and art direction. He has worked for six years in design studios such as La Valentina Design and Quid Design, as well as at a financial services startup called Ontop, which was his last position. In this role, he led both creative and copywriting teams.

In addition to his professional experience, Federico has also undertaken freelance projects.

He is particularly interested in the use of color, type, and rules to develop clean and robust flexible design systems.


(+34) 627 880 555
Barcelona - Spain



Glao Gourmet

A brand that originates from home and traverses boundaries to reach another household. The identity is fresh with hints of ancestral tradition, inheriting and reflecting the hands-on experience of its creator.

Through a modern and sophisticated language, the artisanal flavor of the product is expressed. The graphics are inviting, featuring soft tones, typography with personality, and details that provide an authentic touch characterizing the brand. They reflect the unforgettable taste of homemade goodness.

Graphic Design
Art Direction